Monday, February 27, 2006


Ha-ha, okay, couldn't play much computer games as i am really weak, so thought of writing that weird essay instead.

Hmmm, the chemo drugged used these 2 days (yesterday and today) were DARK BLUE in colour!!! It's the same as the drink pepsi blue, really cool, but really too strong for the body. Totally lost my appetitde to eat, and i am always like sleepy nowadays. Thank God this chemotherarphy only last for 4 days, and i would be free again, under observation in the hospital though, and pray that i would not get any infection once again ha-ha.

The room i am currently staying at has a leak at the roof, and it kinda wet my stuff on days when it rains, there are other rooms at other wards but i would prefer to be changed to a room of the same ward, basically because i trust the nurses more and i know them better after staying 1 month in here previously.

But still, all in all, praise the Lord hehe.

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