Saturday, February 25, 2006

Aieee Aiieee Aii

Woot, okay, don't know what to say, but just want to thank and praise God that everything went smoothly for these few days! Although i got to go back for all those endless drips and blood test again, but still praise the Lord! For one thing the gun shot wound doesn't hurt anymore (unless i start doing those gymnastic acts which i couldn't even do when i am healthy), i could use both my hands as usual again, the chemotherapy that the doctor is giving me today isn't the red one (which is very much stronger), but a diluted version of it, although i need to take it twice a day but it's still much milder (i think), and i could finally bathe after err 4 days? Praise the Lord ha-ha.

Hmm, the stuff mentioned above seems normal (well, maybe besides the gunshot wound and the chemotherapy), but still being able to do normal stuff seems like a joy when u can't do it anymore. Which allows me to realise that sometimes we take things for granted so easily until we lose it. that's why we got to thank God for EVERYTHING, whether big or small, ordinary or extraordinary, in all things give thanks ha-ha!

Argh, somehow now i hope i could eat those steroid pills (penesolone pills, by the way, i don't how to spell it properly so don't bother to check what pill is that in google search, actually it does not build up muscles for me like the body builders but it just kills of the white cells that are err bad?) once again as i have cut down to 1 pill a day from 14 pills a day, well it has some bad side effects such as the water retention which makes my face and fingers bloated, but it does have some good effects such as for example the Black Hole, where i could eat non-stop without feeling full. Well, it's bad if you grow fat, but fortunately God give me the ability not to get fat no matter how much i eat, ha-ha! Allowing me to enjoy many good food without hesitation. As for now, my appetite is normal, and well, couldn't eat as much as last time already.

Alright, guess that's all for now, please pray for my mom that she will not be so stress out, and that she would be able to sleep without needing to take those sleeping pills anymore, guess she's more worried compared to me, he he.

Ah, but anyways, thank God for the beautiful day.

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