Thursday, February 23, 2006

Take TWO!!!!

Ouch, was thinking of updating my journal on the day i got admitted to hospital once again for the 2nd phase of my treatment, but the minor surgery i underwent wasn't as minor as i thought. It hurts like a gun-shot wound i tell ya! Ha-ha, nah the chemo pod (is like the pipe on my hand except this time is in the chest, right side) surgery, wasn't as painful as a gunshot wound, but it still affected me enough to think twice whether i should touch the computer or not. Adding the fact that my left hand has a needle (for the initial general anaesthetic that was needed for surgery), i did not have any hands left to use i could say.

But all in all, thank God for His wonderful love and mercy that the surgery and the extraction of the bone marrow fluid (i don't know what's the proper name for it?) went smoothly without any complication and that i am able to sleep and eat well, ha-ha!

ARghhh, and that doctor said that after the chemo pod surgery i could do any sport and start moving about!!!!! Thank God also that my other doctor (the one that takes care of my leukemia), said that i did not need to go for the chemotherapy today as scheduled, otherwise i would kinda faint because my body is really too weak.

Hmm, for those who are reading this, please pray for me as tomorrow i am going for my 2nd lambre puncture procedure (the one where they put something at the fluid of the backbone--- super lay-man terms ha ha) and also that i would be able to take the chemotherapy treatment well, heard it's going to be rather heavy this time.

Okay, but all in all, rejoice in the Lord, ha-ha!

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