Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A trip to the doctor

Woah, don't know why, was too tired yesterday to write anything, slept around 9 something at night, considered to be the earliest for this year ha ha. Alrite, so gonna write stuff about yesterday then...

Okay, so yesterday i went to the doctor for my check-up at around 9 something in the morning, was glad that i was the first patient there, so i was immediately transferred to another room to take some blood samples. Well, the first thing that shocked me was the kinda old lady who was going to draw my blood. In my mind i was thinking, err.. is she going to do everything all right? Will her hands shake while poking me with the needle? Can she actually see well????

Anyways, before she was going to draw my blood she started having a pleasant conversation with me, advising me on how to go through my treatment and stuff like if i learn mandarin or not during my school life. And when it's time to draw my blood she told me it's gonna be a little painful as there wasn't much obvious veins left in me and the only one obvious is the part where it's gonna hurt. Well, my right hand is out of the question and my left hand isn't the hand that i use much, no choice i guess. And that's when i know she isn't as old as i thought haha, she manage to draw the blood out quite easily without much pain and everything was done in a professional manner. Phew, thank God!

The test result for the blood needed at least (or at most, can't remember which one is it) 30 minutes. And well, the doctor was also at Pantai Hospital doing treatments for another patient, so me and my dad were wondering around the hospital till like i don't know when, and then we got a call that the doctor was coming so we returned to the clinic.

Well, thank God i was the first patient to arrive today or not i gotta wait like for a super long time as a crowd was starting to build up in the clinic. As soon as the doctor arrived i was allowed in without waiting. Okay, so what did the doctor said? (not exactly what he said though)

Doc: "You can take of your mask now, ure white blood count is normal, you don't need to act like a terrorist"

Me: "Oh, but i love wearing a mask, it makes me look like a super villain (or at least hide my bloated face)"

Okay, cutting crap, what the doctor said was my blood test show a positive result, and everything is going on just fine (according to God's grace) and i can do normal things like going to the shopping mall and stuff. Just don't do anything that a normal human wouldn't do like purposely going face to face with a person who's sneezing and coughing or drinking and eating from a person who's having a fever. Ha-ha, really thank God for the good news i must say.

There's just one thing that concerns me though, and i really need prayer on this. To avoid bone marrow transplant i need a negative result on err "something" in my chromosomes (i can't remember what is it called), if this substance is tested positive in my chromosomes i need to have a transplant immediately whether i like it or not as my treatment will have no effect at all. Well, i don't want the transplant as it may very much complicate matters and it's eh, scary? i must say ha ha.

Nevertheless, i thank God for His abundant grace once again, where i could hear a word of good news from the doctor, and be considered as normal once again, for 2 weeks at least ha ha, but it's more than enough. Next appointment would be due after that, gotta go for a minor surgery and then the next big chemo blast and then here we go again, dum dee dum, same routine all over again ha ha.

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