Friday, February 10, 2006

Little by little

Oops, getting lazy to update my journal nowadays, and i can't give the excuse that i am busy ha-ha, since i got like the whole day at home. Hmm, another one of God's blessing i can say ha ha, able to relax at home (and perhaps a few weeks at the hospital, keke) without worrying much since i got no homework or assignments or anything that i need to rush to attend to. Everything can be taken one step at a time.

Well, mentioning about that, i realise that when i was sick, i was able to do things "little by little" instead of rushing through them. That's because on the other hand, when i am well, i try to finish everything as fast as possible, and rush through most of the things without even thinking of what i am doing, i just wanted it to be done, may it be eating, reading, bathing (that's why i try skipping it like most of the time last year ha ha), doing my devotion, doing assignments, etc. Only besides doing the things that i enjoy, i try to rush through all the others as mentioned.

But as of now when i am sick, time seems to be not a factor anymore. I take my time eating, bathing, reading, doing my devotion and even practicing my guitar. Take practicing guitar for example, instead of playing those super hard songs like i used to straight away and trying to make it sound right somehow, i now practice those basic scales, then slowly to something harder (hopefully =p), but at least i get to have a good foundation.

Which reminds me, that as Christians we can't grow like "poof" and become super Christians and equipped to be ready for every good works that God wants us to do in a day or two and then we can just rest at home and think that we are oh so ready. That's why we need to grow constantly and gradually, "little by little", as each day pass. Everyday is a day for us to learn more to become like Christ, and only when we meet Jesus again will we be made perfect in Him, that's why we can't stop till then. Ha-ha, thank God we have Sunday School, so we can learn and re-learn things that we have forgotten, and "little by little" grow to become more like Christ.

Hmm, okay, as of now, i think i am starting to go back to my old habit of rushing things, since i am like getting better each day ha-ha. But guess i better do things "little by little", as it allows me to more focus in the things that i am doing.


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