Saturday, February 04, 2006

Aiks... Sorry Guys, but guess u can't come to visit me T_T

Ah, morning!!! Another great day created by God for all of us human beings.

Had my breakfast and then finished reading another chapter of my "Purpose Driven Life" book, when mom told me that she called the doctor and the appointment will be at 11:30 am on Monday. Well, okay i said, not like is gonna affect me in any other way, then later she told me that the doctor says i can't go to church for tomorrow, in case of some infections or complications that could arise from the crowd there. I was like "WHAT!!!" , wasn't i okay already? I really wanted to go back to church to worship God and fellowship with my other brethrens.

But, I guess God has His way of comforting me somehow. When i log in to my MSn, my youth pastor then came online too, and she told me that a friend of hers, Pastor Ling, who had leukemia just like me, past away recently because of virus infection after the 4th chemotherapy. I mean like, that's like me man, i just had my 4th one too, but i manage to enjoy Chinese new year by God's grace and mercy. And if my pastor's friend could get an infection just like that, i could too, as i am human after all. And maybe that's why God gave the decision and the wisdom to the doctor to avoid me from attending crowded places in order to prevent me from any harm when my mom called him. Better not take things for granted, God grace is sufficient, but I better not test God either.

Alright, so after reading this, i guess most of you know what to do... Don't visit me for now ya, for my sake ha-ha. You may have just a slight flu, cough or maybe you don't feel anything (but u are sick somehow), but that could very much take my life anytime. I really still can't take the risk, after knowing this from my youth pastor. And therefore pray for me ya, for anything could happen anytime.

But one thing I am sure, our life is in God's hand, and every second of it, He knows. So when our time is up, I guess it means time to go home and our home is in heaven, for those who believe that Christ Jesus is Lord. For to live is Christ, and to die is gain. In Christ, we win.... either way.

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