Sunday, February 19, 2006

First Dance X2 Revolution experience of the year...

Okay, i have been at home for 2 weeks now, but since the time i came home from the hospital till like now i did not do any "real" exercise, well i really want to use --- "that's because I am recovering!" as an excuse. Nah, i am just lazy i must say ha ha!

So, yesterday mom and dad was complaining that i sit in the room too much sometimes and need to do some exercise like walking around the garden or perhaps maybe around Bukit Jalil park? Well, yea, it will be good to get some fresh air and exercise my leg muscles which seems to have never been used for years, but laziness and the rebelliousness of a teenager somehow kick in and i told them that i would somehow do my own exercise. Somehow...

I guess something convinced me not to be that lazy and a little exercise would be good for me. That's when i took out the dance mat (the one for the PlayStation 2 and the ones you see in the arcade) which also i haven't used for months and inserted the dance dance revolution extreme 2 disc into the game console (For those who are doubting that if this game could be called an exercise, i would tell you it is, ha ha). Alright, i know i was pretty decent in this game at one time, so feeling confident i selected a song and started dancing... alright barely pass the first stage, on to a harder song... Uh-oh...

It's like you know what moves you should make, but yet you could not do it. The mind doesn't seem to work together with the leg muscles anymore as i haven't use them for a long time.

The mind: Alright right leg, move your legs to the left side then up and down 4 times then up again at a tempo beat of 144, you understand? (everything happening in less than a millisecond)

The right leg: Hey lefty, can u do the job for me? i am just too tired.

The left leg: oh man, you're too lazy, do your own work.

The right leg: nah this kid is just playing a game, not like he will die if i don't move right?

Me: ~staring blankly at the TV screen, seeing how miserably i scored because both my legs doesn't wanna move to the dance beat~

As you can see, i did really terribly at the harder songs, couldn't coordinate well between both the legs and couldn't jump as i haven't done that for a long time, and the muscles for that section are like dead somehow, he he. Okay, got to exercise more so i could return my legs function to normal again.

Therefore, i guess that whatever we learn in the bible we got to put it to practice, otherwise it will go away from our minds or become dead as we never use it anyway, and we got to face some consequences later. For whoever that hears of the word and put them into practice is like a wise man who build his house on the rock, which stood firm when the rains came down and floods came up, unlike the foolish man who build his house on the sand that fell (Matthew 7:24-27) If we do not practice God's word daily, our faith will start to waver like the winds blown on the grass of the fields, and when trails and temptations come our way, we will definitely fall. Just like how i almost did when i was dancing with such legs that i haven't been using well for a long time =p

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