Thursday, February 02, 2006

Announcement? I guess...

Alright, many of you know that i am back home now after being discharged, but I guess you all still better not visit me till like next Monday when i have another check up with my doctor.

Well, is not that i don't want visitors, but my mom is kinda worried when people come visiting me, she will often try to keep conversations short and asking them to stay as far as possible away from me, you get the idea i guess. So if anyone who comes visiting me now and who wants to see me, you will most probably get like "chased away" if you know what i mean by my mom, and that isn't so much fun ha-ha.

So err please be patient ya, till Monday i hope, when my mom isn't that worried anymore. Better give her a peace of mind and allowing me more time to recover too. Oh, and for those who somehow want to give me some special food, or drink or herbs or anything that isn't ordinary food and beverages, which is said that could cure my sickness somehow, please do not give it to me ya, not that i don't appreciate it or anything like that, but i won't be able to take it as it may risk my recovery unless the doctor recommends it.

But nevertheless, i thank God for all the friends and relatives that are thinking and praying for me all the time. Prayers do work miracles ya know no matter how large or small the matter is. Thanks ya! All of you!

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