Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Praise the Lord once again for His mercy last forever!!!!

Okay, morning went to the hospital as plan to have my blood check, was praying hard that the results will turn out fine so that i might be able to be discharged by today itself. And guess what, God did answer my prayer ha ha!!!

The doctor gave the green light for me to go home (not for good though, I still have some treatment, but this is joyous enough, keke), and hearing that, my parents quickly pack my stuff and wanted to leave immediately (who wouldn't), but suddenly remembered about all the other stuff like bills, medicines while at home and taking out the pipe from my right hand, which took quite some time to settle, but who cares! I am finally discharged!!! After my parents gave angpows to the nurses and staff who took care me, i was adios! Finally back home again, wait i was home in the morning wasn't I?? But this time i could have more "freedom" in what i do as the white cell count is at a much safer level and with the pipe at my right hand removed my movement isn't so restricted anymore.

Really thank God for His wonderful grace and mercy that allowed my body to be able to recover by today (Tuesday) having a decent report in my complete blood count, otherwise i really gotta stay perhaps another few more days before I could actually be discharged, which i don't really want to.

Nevertheless. still need everyone's prayer that my body might be able to sustain well, not getting sick (and my family not getting sick too) or any other complications as I am not near the reach of any nurses or doctors any more, and thank God for never forgetting me in my times of trouble, for always being there in my dire needs and His endless grace and mercy that He has given to me.

Now, just gotta flex my right hand... the pipe has really made it so stiff that i can hardly bend it anymore... ouch!

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