Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lucky stars

"Eh, good luck in ure exams man!!!" That's what i normally hear before entering the exam halls, friends cheering and encouraging each other by giving luck. Or perhaps another fine example would be the fact that you pick up ten ringgit from the floor, nearly missed dropping on to a puddle of mud, ter-click your mouse during a game of DotA and manage to kill some stealth hero somewhere in the map and the list goes on and on.

Well, not that I don't believe there is such thing as luck, but i think luck should be called ~God's grace~ for us Christians, in my opinion, for evey good thing comes from God anyway, and since He knows everything and He controls everything, how can luck be a factor that could affect our lives then? So, point is, every lucky thing that happen in our lives, i think it's by God's grace that we manage to have it happen to us.

Man, don't know why, but whenever i play DotA nowadays, i just can't seem to slay any heroes. Not that i don't want to, (okay i am very noobish in dota now, i admit!!!) but somehow i always get disconnected when i am going to slay some hero (double-kill almost heard from a distance) or when i am going to get killed by some other player (which is good, free disconnection and escape humiliation, buahaha). But still, it is frustrating to get disconnected so often( like every 3 games or so). Not only that, while typing something so long on the net and poof it's gone because of the disconnection or trying to talk to someone on msn and *clickz* u have been disconnected, it is frustrating man, what's wrong with the hospital wireless connection which was so good for the first few, err days?  

Bad luck? Nah, no way, maybe God just wants me to play less DotA and spend less time on the internet i must say, ha-ha.

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