Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Beautiful day...

Alritey then, guess i will start being serious in writing some stuff down now, just to keep some people up to date and to know that i am still doing fine here according to God's grace, haha.

Just finished my 4th chemo and got my LP jab yesterday, became really really tired and man, gotta remind myself not to eat too much after each chemo, my stomach really can't digest the food well, make me lost my appetide and unable to go to sleep properly because of my grumbling stomach and the feeling of burping (or vomitting) every now and then.

Terrible it may be, but still, at least it draws me closer to God even more, going through sufferings like this once in awhile reminds me that i need God's constant strength daily, and allows me to trust my Father in Heaven at a greater level. If things when just too well, somehow i just tend to forget about Him even more often, a very bad habit of mine which i must change, gotta think of HIm 24/7, 24/7....

But as the sun rises, and i woke up today, really must thank God that everything when well, no complications at all for the LP jab and not needing to vomit or anything like that.

Indeed, another beautiful day created by God for me to live once again.

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