Saturday, January 28, 2006

Praise the Lord!!!

Woo-hoo, finally, back home once again, home sweet home, really, there's nothing better than being at home.

Well, this is the second time i manage to have a "home leave" from the hospital, the last one was to prevent me from being cranky after staying in the hospital bed for too long (that's what the doctor said not me) and this time because of Chinese New Year. Really thank God for letting my blood count (both white and red) to be at a certain "safe" level to be allowed out till Tuesday, where i gotta get admitted once again to check my blood count once more.

And this is where i need ure prayers once again, if all goes well, i may get discharge from the hospital on Tuesday itself and i may be let loose for a few weeks or err more than my fingers than count at the least, haha. Depending on God's grace and mercy once again, but in all circumstances still gotta trust in Him ya. The main condition of the release? My white blood cell count must be at the least 4 percent (normal human white blood cell level? i think, gotta ask Zhi Yong about this), which I am at 3 percent plus minus right now. But there could still be other factors that could stop me from being discharged so do pray for me, keke, oh yea, and pray that i won't get sick at my own home too, otherwise it will get really troublesome, gotta be send back to the hospital before Tuesday then, ugh...

But still, as of now, all glory and praise be to God for allowing me to come home and have a nice rest, sleeping on my own bed once again, and having a much spacious place to move about haha. (gotta get my own stuff this time though, no more nurses, but that's good, i need to exercise abit, getting kinda fat i think)

P/s: I am still isolated for now even at home, can't take the risk of getting infected yet till the Tuesday mentioned  (31/1), so if anyone wants to visit it's gotta be after that tuesday, when i should be like err normal i can say if it's by God's grace, haha.

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