Sunday, January 29, 2006

Uh oh


Was playing my electric guitar using my rather stiff right hand, thank God that i can still manage to strum some songs and remember the basic chords of the guitar, allowing me to enjoy the music from a musical instrument that was created by God oh so wonderfully (guitar rox man i tell ya) and able to worship God by doing some short singspiration at home as i still can't go to church.

Well, all was going fine until i was like, okay, time to stop playing and put the guitar down and "BANG!!!!" the guitar hit the ceiling fan and part of the top of my guitar chipped off. Don't ask me how that happened, my hands kinda can't coordinate well right now because of the pipe in my right hand. So I was like, uh oh, not again !!!!(my acoustic guitar fell last time and the whole top part of the guitar got destroyed) Of course i was like kinda heart broken, it was still new ya know, but after checking it i realise only a small portioned of it was chipped off, and i could still strum and play it, not like anything is errr broken? It still plays the same tune, and i think that is all that matters.

That reminds me that God looks into our hearts and our character, not our material possessions, our fame or anything that we could see on this earth which will fade away someday. We may not be perfect and we stumble and fall countless times, but as long as our heart is for God and to live in Christ and for Him, I think we will be playing the tune God wants us to play.

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