Friday, January 27, 2006

Ah, the little things in life…

We take many things for granted, or maybe I take many things for granted. When I am healthy I kinda only look at the big things, and never take time to enjoy the very basic things that God has given us so graciously. Being able to walk freely, eat normally, and sleep soundly, I never knew it was such a blessing.

Well, just want to say that for the past 2 days and maybe the coming week I may not need to be on any drips again. Alright!!! No more 6 hours long somehow diluted chemo drips and transfusions, giving me the freedom to be able to move about freely; not feel bounded to the bed anymore and not having to make me think twice whether to go to the toilet or not as it is really restricting having something on your hand like half a day.

Thank God for this time of relaxation. Having the chemo drips for 2 weeks straight really is tiring somehow, and not being able to move about is tiring too (and I thought exercising was tiring).

And it is then I realize how much joy and blessing we have from God just to be able to live our life another day being able to move, breath, eat and sleep well.

~Oh, a side note, if all goes well, most probably I may go home for Chinese new year for a day or two, so do pray for me ya!

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