Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jokingly saying a prayer...

Sigh… time just passes so quickly when you are enjoying yourself…

Last Wednesday I was supposed to start eating my chemotherapy pills, which I was in no way ready for. Just didn’t seem to have a long enough break before I start my ‘hard work’ of going through the side effects again. And if it’s just one week I wouldn’t mind, buy THREE!!! Gosh, that’s going to be real tough.

So, the night before that Wednesday, I was reading my e-mail and got a message from Pastor Siew Teng asking if I was available to play the bass guitar on Easter Sunday. I was like: “Ah, darn, last week when I was healthy and alright, I missed the chance to play the bass guitar for worship simply because I was too lazy to check my e-mail, and this week I’ll miss the chance to play again because I won’t feel too well after eating the pills.” Was feeling really disappointed then, but seeing that there isn’t anything that I can do, just decided to pray and go to sleep and be prepared to face tomorrow.

I prayed to God that the blood results would be good when I do my check up at the doctor’s tomorrow; that there wouldn’t be any scary news that I need to know; and that through God’s grace the side effects of the pills wouldn’t be too bad. And before I was going to end the prayer, I jokingly prayed to God that if it’s possible, please let me skip eating this pills for one week… and to make it look like a proper request I decided to tell God that I wanted to skip the pills so that I would be able to serve as the bassist for the coming Easter Worship.

And what do you know... to my surprise on Wednesday, as I had my check up with the doctor, he told me my white cell count was not good enough to start eating the pills just yet, and needed to wait for another week at least to let the white cells recover to normal. I was like… woah!!! Thank God for answering that request!!! Normally even with a low cell count the doctor would still sometimes ask me to go on in order to not delay the schedule. Then again, it really is ironic that just a few months ago I was praying so hard that my white cell count would go up just by 0.5 percent, and now I was celebrating because the white cell count was low, bah. Was really happy then, but apparently there’s was another girl there who also had leukemia and she needed a bone marrow transplant as the cancer cells was still present in her bone marrow even after going through chemotherapy. Mom shared the gospel to her that day and told her that in Christ there’s still hope… from what I’ve heard mom told me that she did receive Christ later on. Thank God for that too!

As I got back home that day feeling really happy since I’ve manage to escape eating the pills for another week, I kind of had the thought to skip the night’s Easter worship practice and just laze around at home instead. Yeah, talk about showing my gratitude to God. But then I remembered that though I did jokingly ask God for that favor, since God “seriously” did grant me that request, I will need to “seriously” fulfill my part of the deal too, ha-ha. It did make me think how fast we could actually forget about God’s grace and love.

With pill eating out of the way, I was able to go for the Good Friday service, the Saturday revival service and the Easter Sunday worship at ease. I was really amazed and impressed at how Pastor Chuah could get a backup sermon to preach for Good Friday when the invited speaker lost his way in Kuala Lumpur. Well, I did prepare my English oral presentation for college just 30 minutes before it actually started, but that was only for a less than 10 minute speech, but 1 hour plus? Me and the youths were joking that maybe he got the sermon well prepared from Wikipedia at the sermons section, ha-ha. The Saturday’s revival and Easter Sunday message was by the invited speaker and though his message for both occasions was about “vision” (not the kind where God talks to you in dreams, the other one) by looking through the disciple Peter, I learnt more about how the first few disciples followed Jesus instead (realized that Peter didn’t first met Jesus in the fishing boat incident, but was called by Andrew to meet Jesus first as stated in the book of John). The whole time I was flipping my bible between Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, just to know where he got the verses from and why did the pastor said that it was like that. Reminded me how much I still didn’t know about the bible. Ah! Though the Sunday Easter worship went well, I really need to improve my bass guitar again, as I was completely lost while playing two of the worship songs… thank God that no one really pays much attention to the bass guitarist anyways, ha-ha.

Alas, as I have said, when you are enjoying your time it just passes so quickly. And as I am writing this it’s already Wednesday. Don’t think I would be able to avoid eating the pills with any kind of excuse to the doctor, or God at that matter ha-ha. Guess I would only be able to pray that God would lessen, better yet take away the side effects, so that it would not mess up my daily activities.

Bah, and there I was thinking that only homework and assignments could be procrastinated. Thank God for the one week break, at least I feel more prepared to eat the pills.

Let the three long weeks begin! Oh yeah, and happy belated Easter, where Jesus has risen indeed!

P.S: Was editing my post while watching Manchester United thrashing A.S Roma, bet my elder brother is rolling on the floor with laughter now, ha-ha.

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