Friday, May 12, 2006

Prayers answered

Ah, wanna write something long, but guess i can't for today, as the church anniversary will be held tomorrow (or today, since it's already midnight) and i got to sleep early otherwise i can't wake up at eight in the morning... got to use to wake up around ten to eleven nowadays.

Well, guess i just got to thank God that as for now i could attend the church's 30th anniversary, was looking forward to this event like last year as i thought last year was the 30th birthday of the church, and i knew every like 10 years there's gonna be some big event, was rather disappointed then that it wasn't keke, miscounted.

It wouldn't be much of a big deal, but since i was most probably going to university this year, i knew i was going to miss the anniversary unless something happen. And viola, God answered a prayer of mine even before i cried up to Him, keke. Give thanks in all circumstances ya? Ha-ha.

And well the doctor also allowed me to stay for the anniversary and only readmit to the hospital on Saturday, so that's another prayer answered.

Thinking about it, God answer a lot of prayers of mine, and somehow i only notice it when i sit down quietly... thinking... about God or when i am suffering. Makes me wonder, how come i could only see God's goodness only during that time, when His goodness is all around, all the time. He-he, guess i got to learn how to thank His goodness and faithfulness to me, forever and a day.

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