Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back home again ^_^

Ughh, each treatment seems to become even harder instead of easier, opposite of what the doctor said, that's why never trust them, ha-ha!

I vomited so much that i kinda lost count of how many times i vomited already. And the worst part of the treatment this time is that i can't seem to cancel of the suffering effect. Last time if i get a fever or sore somewhere i just need to suffer maybe 30 minutes to try to force myself to sleep, and once that is done, i can like, you know, forget most of the stuff since you are sleeping, sort of like natural pain-killers. But this nausea and vomiting thingy will make me stay awake, as somehow after a few hours of sleeping (usually just 2 hours) my stomach will start to make me feel so uncomfortable that i got to wake up, and when i wake up that means, uh-oh, vomit time. Ah, sleeping is such a joy given by God i must say.

That's why i got readmitted again on Friday even though i came out on, err, Monday was it? Scared that i get dehydrated because of vomiting and i was feeling really really uncomfortable.

Well, the mouth sore also seem to be more scary than last time, whole lips and the skins in the mouth were bleeding, and i was virtually swallowing saliva (plus blood) every now and then when i sleep, as it keeps coming out because of the sore. Thank God though, that there weren't any infections on the tongue, otherwise i would never be able to eat anything with the ulcers on my tongue.

Ah, but thank the almighty Lord that i am able to come home today and feel much better, finally manage to eat a "proper" meal, too! (now i really want to eat McDonalds and KFC, or maybe roti canai perhaps). Hope that the doctor would postpone my next treatment as i really need some rest and i hope to attend the church 30th anniversary too keke.

Hm mm, at least i manage to watch 'The Incredibles' when i was in the hospital ha-ha, miss that movie last time in the cinemas. God's many blessings i guess keke.


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