Saturday, April 15, 2006

One year older!

Eh, okay, entered back to the hospital again for my 4th treatment, another 14 left to go and that would be another 41 more weeks till the protocol completes. Waiting for the day to say: "It is FINISH!" Hahaha!

Well, the good thing about this treatment is that it takes a minimum of 4 days if everything goes according to plan, and err more if something unexpected happens. Thank God for the short amount of time i need to stay at the hospital as this chemo-drug will not make my white blood cell drop too drastically, which is a good thing. The only scary thing is that it will effect my mouth quite a bit as it destroy certain tissues and most of it are around the mouth area, that means more mouth sores and inflammation if i am not careful, but if everything goes well by God's grace then woo hoo, could be able to be home by Tuesday!

So as for now, i am going to have this yellow chemo-drug dripping into me for 24 hours and the subsequent days the doctor will fill me with some , erm, vitamins... i think, to counter the mouth sores and prevent inflammation.

Some may say is not such a great thing to celebrate a birthday at the hospital, but still i think God is good keke. Well, i was born at the hospital and so is everyone else, and it would be good for me to once in awhile visit my birth place, although i was born in Tung Shin i think, but oh well haha it's still a hospital. And last year during my birthday i had a gum infection and couldn't eat stuff, so did not celebrate either (but at least i got to visit Wilson's dental clinic at least once to check on the infection before he left to England). And at least this time around i was able to celebrate my birthday with my relatives last Thursday and eat a cake keke.

Anyways, thanks to all my friends who send their birthday greetings to me and not to forget all the encouragement and prayers as well. It is really great to see that the Lord has gave me brother and sister in-Christ like you guys.

And to myself, Happy Birthday dude! You're 19 this year, keke. Normally i would go arghh! I am getting old! But as for now, really thank God for another great year and for all the past years He has been with me, taking care of me and never leaving me till the end of days.


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