Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

Ughh, wasn't feeling so well today...

The yellow chemo-drug, according to the doctor, isn't as strong as what i had during the 2nd treatment. That's true in a way that it doesn't effect my white blood cell count much, but untrue as it totally took away my appetite, gave me a slight fever, and made me vomit for the first time during chemotherapy.

Guess that means the after effect isn't strong, but the instant effect really killed me somehow.

That's why after 24 hours when the chemo-drug has completed me and my mom were singing: "Hallelujah, Jesus is Alive!". Well, firstly it's because it is a relieve to be off that drug and secondly it's Easter day after all, Jesus resurrection, He's alive! And He lives in ME!

Had this really weird dream about needing to pay RM 40 just to sleep at a certain kind of position and pay another 20 bucks for some sort of add-on comfort, most probably that's what happen when your brain goes haywire because of the fever.

Still feeling a little bit nausea and feel like vomiting every now and then. Hope i would be able to recover by morning so i would be able to eat something at least, been fasting for a day now as i couldn't eat anything. But as for now, thank you God for His grace and mercy that allowed me to pass by another day.

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