Monday, May 14, 2007

Strike by lightning...

Oh Yeah! Finally today I can stop eating those horror pills and not worry of any crazy side effects that would happen after eating it!

I woke up thinking that it’s going to be a perfect day for me. The weather wasn’t so hot like it used to nowadays, I wasn’t feeling the nauseous feeling I had few days ago, and I even got the 218.208.XXX.XXX IP in one try woo hoo!!!!

For those who are wondering what’s to be so happy in just getting some random numbers, as any IP given also allows you to surf the internet, let me tell you this: Yeah, all given IP from STREAMYX (got to emphasis this!) allows you to surf the net, but not all of them allows you to connect it at a fast connection! Though you are using the “high speed” broadband of Streamyx, have you ever noticed that there are times when you want to beat up the monitor and throw your keyboards on the ground and smash it because it’s takes like 5 minutes just to open up your e-mail or maybe 1 hour to load Masked Riders Part 1 on YouTube?? It makes you think that maybe taking out your old noisy 56k modem from the past and reusing it would be a much better alternative compared to paying Streamyx for that lousy SUPER slow connection. Well, that’s because certain IP have a really slow connection to overseas sites, and more often that not, you’re going to get it, which is normally the 219.95.XXX.XXX. It’s really dumb, but there are times when I just sit there for hours reconnecting my broadband modem till I get that IP I just stated so I can play online games smoothly (frustratingly, my cousin just few doors away can always get those super good and fast IP connections WITHOUT fail, hmm, some trick perhaps?). Thank God that for the past month I manage to find the time schedule to actually get it after at least 5 tries. Otherwise I am just going to stop subscribing to Streamyx as with that kind of speed is just not even worth it. Best Broadband Company for online games and web surfing in Malaysia… yeah right…

Then after lunch and an hour of gaming later it started to rain, a good thing since it cools down the temperature, but if it starts to have lightning… arghhh! That means I have to close the modem and lose that IP that I’ve got. At first I didn’t off it because I thought the lightning would eventually subside and I didn’t want to reconnect all day to get the IP again, but the lightning didn’t get better at all. Well, better off it than letting it get strike, as that would be even worst… no internet at all. So, after offing everything and switching off the plugs I decided to go and take advantage of the cool breeze by sleeping.

Barooom!!! (I hope this gives the impression of the sound of a really loud thunder) And suddenly the power of the whole house was gone, guess a lightning has struck my house, or perhaps somewhere near. Phew… I thought to myself, I have switched off all the computer plugs, what’s the worst that could happen? I thank God and went back to sleep.

Half way sleeping I heard my younger brother mumbling about something but I didn’t care… which turns out to be something really terrible…

Both my computers couldn’t be turned on.

What the…

How come I off the entire switch also still can strike dead my comps…?

Well, to be honest this time around I didn’t have the end of the world syndrome like how I had when my old comp blew up. Maybe I started to learn what’s important in life… or perhaps through God’s grace my laptop wasn’t blown up so I could still use the internet woo hoo! Though now I am starting to doubt that as my laptop seems to be going a little haywire compared to normal.

The funny thing is, only both my CPUs got blown while everything else was still in order: the monitors, modem, router were all still functioning. Praying to God that it’s just the power box that blown as if it’s the motherboard I’ll go crazy then. At least this time around my parents didn’t scold the heck out of me as I did off the switches, or maybe the lightning strike it dead during the time I was hesitating and before the whole house power trip? If it is so then I am sooooo in trouble.

Ah, guess it’s time to take out my dust covered Playstation 2 and replay some of the old RPGs that I have been too lazy to play. And I guess this event also encourages me to go out to ‘lepak’ too, looking at how I’ve stop eating the pills also.

Or maybe I should just take this time and go finish reading the book of Jeremiah since it’s only the last two chapters.

Though I wouldn’t say that this day was in any way perfect, I would still thank God as having to not eat the pill and feeling so relax because of that is really nothing more than I could have asked for.

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