Thursday, May 17, 2007

Negotiation at the hospital...

“Eh, you think this is a market ah, ha-ha!” says the nurse.

Yeah, went to the doctor for a check up today, thank God once again that the counts were all normal, and that I didn’t need to get admitted to the hospital on that day itself.

Well, not that it was part of the doctor’s plan in scheduling me to get admitted next week, but I managed to get out of it through some negotiations, well like those in the markets.

“You give me FREE 20, only I buy lah…”
“Harh?? Free 20 cannot lah…”
“Aiyah, how about 10 leh?”
“Eh, I rugi, but can also lah.”

Which in my mind I don’t think they are going to rugi unless they are doing a stock clearance.

Anyway, after discussing with the doctor I managed to persuade him to only let me get admitted on Monday, which I really thank God for as this at least gives me some time to relax and enjoy eating for another 4 more days, free from feeling nauseous and all I must add, before the next unknown side effect pops up when I undergo chemotherapy for 5 days again.

And since I was going to be staying for at least 5 days, getting admitted on Monday is another good thing as I totally dread the nurses’ service on Saturday and Sundays. Well, unless I got lucky and have the regular senior nurses working on that day (senior doesn’t mean those grandma’s mind you), I am going to have to be fully alert in making sure that the nurses don’t do anything life threatening to me and making sure that they actually do things properly. I guess that’s what happens when you have too many patients and too little nurses, all which have taken leave on that day I guess. Man… that kind of reminds me of some of the horrors at night, but let’s leave that for another day.

Bah~! Though I did succeed in postponing the days, I didn’t successfully manage to negotiate with the doctor to reduce the amount of pills from the insane number of 12 pills a week. He was saying that my counts were alright and there wasn’t any need to alter it. Arghhh… I am suffering from eating the pills!!! Hope he actually understands that before I need to retake the pills again.

Hmm… though I am really dreading to get admitted to the hospital this time around, but since it is the last one, might as well get over it so I don’t need to think about all that anymore. The doctor says it isn’t going to be too heavy either and actually allowed me to go home anytime between the stay if I wanted to, which was reassuring I must say. Praying to God that all goes well, don’t want anything to happen on my last long stay in the hospital, as even though the doctor may say that this treatment is going to be light, I can’t even remember how many ‘light’ treatment’s I have came out feeling that the hard ones were easier to go through instead.

Oh and yeah, got to thank God that my elder brother didn’t give in to my stubbornness to NOT buy any warranty for the Dell computer. I remembered back then I was like: “What??!! Waste so much money on warranty! I don’t buy can save another thousand lorh, just need to take care of the computer properly only mah…” Yeah right, come to think about it, I don’t think there was once any of my computer survived 3 years without anything happening to it. Really got to give credit to my elder brother as with the 3 years warranty I didn’t need to pay a single cent for the replacement motherboard and the service of repairing it.

I was rather amazed by Dell’s service though; I called Dell service hotline on Tuesday (took me lots of guts and scolding from my brother and mother to do it as I am a total chicken when talking to ‘strangers’---what if they kidnap you?), did all the check up and pinpointed it to be the motherboard’s problem, and the technician told me on the phone they guarantee that by tomorrow morning they will come over and pick it up for repairs or you can call the hotline again to speed them up (reminds me of how one speeds up Streamyx to install broadband service to you). The next morning (Wednesday), while trying to ignore the ringing of my cellphone in order to sleep, in which after a missed call only did I realized it could be the Dell technician, I answered him that my motherboard could have been destroyed. Well I actually said: “my motherboard fried…” in which he just replied: “harh??!!”, so yeah saying “destroyed” would simplify things. The tech dude said that he would come in the morning… well, as Malaysian’s when we say “would come” and then it was already 10:30 in the morning, chances were that that morning would only come tomorrow or the day after next, after next, after next… so I just went for my checkup without waiting.

Voila, while waiting to enter the doctor’s room the Dell tech dude called and said that the computer was in working order, the motherboard was replaced, a full system check was done… heck, he even ask me what other repairs should I give him to do on my computer (should have asked him to upgrade it if he have the parts, tsk tsk). What surprised me was that instead of being the typical computer technicians that brings the CPU back and slowly take a week to sort of your problem, they actually took the initiative to bring the parts, which in this case was the motherboard, though there could be a huge chance that a complete computer noob (i.e.: me) told them some wrong information. Ha-ha, all in all, was really glad that the computer didn’t need to get admitted anywhere, and was repaired at home and really fast I might add.

Well, I do have a complain though: The technician only arrived at 12:20 pm and not in the morning that he promised.

*A punch comes out from nowhere and punches the author--- “you ungrateful brat!”*

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