Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gospel Camp 07...

Phew, thank God that I sign up to attend the Gospel Camp instead of staying at home all day long during the weekend. Was actually starting to regret when I found out that the camp was a week from the day I registered (well, six days since it was already Sunday then) and not two weeks apart which I thought it was as I needed time to cure from the nausea I was getting from the pills I was eating. But since I already paid the money before actually knowing it, I decided to just go for it as I was too lazy to ask for a refund or anything like that. Got to remind myself once again not to be so blur…

Well, really thank God again that it took only 2 days to recover from the nausea, which makes me think that maybe the nausea feeling is just all in the mind, for if I needed to do something of importance it kind of disappears faster, then again it may not be as there was one time when I followed my dad to KLCC to watch MI3, I spend most of my energy just trying to remember where the rubbish bins are so I could vomit in them if the nausea gets too bad (I remember I was thanking God that the rubbish bins weren’t the push to throw types but a big hole right on top, so I can vomit straight on it)… so maybe it was the fresh sea breeze that helped speed up the recovery. But to avoid all confusion and uncertainties, I say it was another of God’s miracle.

I made myself look like a social outcast in the camp as I didn’t join in any of the games, and I was too lazy (once again) to explain to the other people that didn’t know of my condition. There were some games that I know I could play, but I was afraid that there may be certain “accidents” that may happen (like a flying ball that came out of no where because someone doesn’t know he has Hercules’s strength) and cause a fatal blow to me. Besides that, I was literally burning from the sun though I was under the shade of a tree… makes me wonder how in the world am I going to play at the beach under the hot sun ever again. And though I was sitting down most of the time, I was as tired as those who played all the games all day long… in fact, I could actually feel my legs getting cramped… just by sitting down and not moving. Playing beach soccer barefooted wasn’t any good either; one good kick at the ball and my big toe was bleeding… I was about to ask what in the world happened to my body.

Then again, not being able to participate in most of the games wasn’t a problem at all, somehow I did not feel bored… not with all those whacky things that seems to be happening to the youths all the time and the lame talk about Daniel-lism and all (go figure). Not playing the games also meant that I was free from a lot of responsibility, which makes this camp more relaxing in a way. That… and also since I wasn’t ‘alright’ in a sense, the boys in my apartment actually let me have my own room, though honestly I feel really bad about it as it seems I am hogging all the space (though I know the reason they didn’t want to be in the room is because they wouldn’t be able to stay up late at night as I needed to sleep).

One thing that I really enjoyed in the camp was the fellowship with the youths and Sunday school students, or friends, I must say, as even until now the way I talk to them is very not teacher-like, plus the fact that my brother is among the gang which makes it impossible for me to talk to them like how a teacher does. Can’t imagine how the teachers who have a 2-3 years age gap teach without feeling like one of his/her students. Having fellowship with friends is fun, though for me the ‘fun’ was greatly enhanced due to the fact that I seldom have such company.

I must admit though, I was completely clueless about the message during the camp ha-ha. Really wanted to use the excuse that I was sleepy and tired so I couldn’t hear the message but then it wasn’t like that at all… to me it seems like the message on the second and third day didn’t seem to connect, but maybe that’s just me, was cracking my head all day long just trying to figure that out till I decided to just put it aside and ask the other youths during the next meeting to save myself the trouble.

Though there is one thing that I really learn, and that is being a Christian really isn’t an easy task. I’ll be totally honest and say that at first it was hard trying to mix around with the outsiders, it’s like hard for me not to keep an eye on them and go “what the heck are doing?” But as a Christian, God says that we ought to love everyone (and not to judge them too) and not just our own group of people, meaning that we must go out of our comfort zone to mix around with the others as well. Didn’t do too well in that I must say, but thank God for the opportunity that came up for me to interact with the outsiders and get to know them. Hope when I get better I actually take the effort to have fellowship with the new comers instead of just hanging out with my circle of friends all the time.

It really has been awhile since the time I went to the beach and as I see the endless sea and the bright blue sky above it, I was really glad that I came. It isn’t a new or rare sight of the beach though, but then it really amazes me how God shaped the earth and all… so perfectly I must add. And just like what Daniel and I were talking during one of our lame jokes conversation: …and God saw that what He made was good… real good~

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