Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another day...

Good news: Don’t need to go to the hospital, able to stay at home longer after Chinese New Year. Woo hoo!

Bad news : Got to eat chemotherapy pills for one week. Ugghh…..

Well, I thank God that at least this time around I didn’t actually throw up after food, allowing me to eat normally and not restricting the things I can do in a day, but it is still making me nausea and tire easily which is bothering me in a way. I don’t know if it’s the pills that give me these nauseas side effect or perhaps my fear of it which makes me chill to my spine whenever I just think of the pills or the smell of it. Not to forget, the pills are giving me freaking weird nightmares, can’t say ‘dreams’ as I hardly get one that is pleasant, well maybe just 5 percent of it is.

At least it’s only for 1 week this time… but to my horror when my chemotherapy treatment ends I got to eat it for at least 18 months. Trying to figure out ways to survive through that ha-ha, especially since I won’t be able to slack like how I am doing right now by then. One comfort that I have is that the terrible side effects of the pill lessens for each pill eating session I take (I think this is the fourth), praying to God that by the time I am released it wouldn’t be much of a problem anymore. Well, the doctor also did say that most of the patients didn’t have many complaints when they took it after their treatment end, so I guess that’s another comfort too.

About the nightmares, the 5 percent that was pleasant reminds me of God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ. I don’t know how Jackie Chan appeared in my dream and had a connection with that, but when I woke up it kind of reminded me that despite us being so sinful and unworthy, and God could just zap us from the face of the earth for He hates sin, yet He still love us and sent Jesus Christ to redeem us, forgiving our sins just like that and allowing us to enter His throne of grace so freely.

Trying to force myself to think that I have only 2 more days of pill eating left from today, for if I remind myself about the 18 months more to go, it will definitely wear me out even before the battle begin.


As I have mentioned, the side effects of the pills weren’t so bad this time, so I managed to drag myself to Midvalley to go shopping with my mom. Of course they were the occasional “want to vomit” signs as I walk around, but thank God all of them were controllable.

Well, this is the first time since I got admitted to the hospital that I actually do some serious shopping. Though mom occasional did ask me if I want to go shopping last year I mostly turn her offer down due to the fact that I realized there’s no point in buying new clothes and all, like I have the chance to wear them in the hospital ha-ha.

Going shopping today was refreshing to say the least; it’s something I haven’t done for a long time, though of course it did remind me of all the hassles about shopping, like picking your size for the clothes you want etc. Thank God that at least the designers were smart enough to design ‘what you call it’---- in-built strings around your waist that act like belts (I have no idea what you call it) --- for pants so that you don’t really need to buy pants that are exactly your size as you can just tighten them with the ‘strings’ if it’s too lose. That saves like a whole 5 minutes in choosing the pants you like (yes 5 minutes in shopping is a lot), and if you don’t have the size of your pants… who cares??? Just tighten them and off you go!

Another plus was due to fact that since today wasn’t a public holiday, and most schools are having exam, the mall was really quiet… something that most people couldn’t enjoy nowadays as all the students seems to flock endlessly to all the shopping malls whenever they have nothing to do, and most of the time they have nothing to do. What happened to the days when the cinema actually belongs to you and your friends alone? Having less people meant that you could enjoy buying your stuff like the place belongs to you, no queuing up at dressing rooms, counters, or trying to grab a shirt inside a mob, man this is the life!

Then I went to the sports shop at the top floor of Midvalley to buy new shoes in order to replace my 2 year old one. There was this like SMS contest where if you manage to answer the questions given correctly you will be able to get a 20 percent discount on the items in the shop and the sales girl asked us to join it as it’s really easy. Hmm… how easy? Most of the time these contest are just a con to waste your phone credit (One message cost a Ringgit). But as my phone credit worth is more than my handphone I decided not to think twice and just followed the instructions that the sales girl was saying to enter the contest:

Sales girl: Tekan… *something* dan *something*…

Me : Oh... send ah?

Sales girl: Yeah send…

Me : (Beep!) Oh, got reply…

(There was a question… I think, I couldn’t even read the message and before I could work my mind to think what the answer is to the question or perhaps what the message was… she asked me to let her see the message)

Sales girl: (Looks at the message) Okay, sekarang tekan *something B*, *something C*…

Me : (Thinking in mind) Wah can trust her or not wan, maybe she just wants to waste my money, I haven’t read the question man…

(Being so easily tired from the pills I decided to play the just listen and do roll and type the stuff requested)

Me : (Beep!) Ada message lagi…

(Shows her the message on the phone again)

Sales girl: Boss!!! Motorola Z3 apa model?

(I think the boss told her Rzor, but later I realized the answer to that question was on the contest promotion sheet as well)

Sales girl: Okay sekarang tekan, ini ini ini…

Me : Oh… (beep!)

Sales girl: Okay, sudah ada discount, pergi beri cashier tengok…

Woah, okay, so by wasting 3 bucks I saved 40 bucks… not too bad eh, and I am in the running for a Motorola handphone, some goodies and unlimited free Coke for a year. What surprised me is how come the shop staff just gave the answers so freely like that? They want to fully utilize the contest sponsors money is it?

And I finally manage to buy an overdrive pedal as I went to Midvalley to make myself look more “pro” when using the guitar, as I still have almost to none knowledge of how to fully utilize it. Though it was embarrassing that a less than 2 minutes set up of the pedal took me more than 15 minutes due to the fact that I put the input and output cables wrongly. Not too bright for a PA personal in church eh?

Ha-ha, all in all, was really glad that I was able to do some “normal” stuff after a long time, thank God for giving me this privilege to go out.

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Tracey said...

Yay! Ju Liang can go kai kai already...Praise God! If you wanna drop by at 1U I can bring you along. N u hvent sat in my car b4 yet...I'll b glad 2 take u 4 a drive! ^_*