Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The things that happened last week:

I think it was a Tuesday, when elder brother got home quite late that night and seemed to be more pissed off compared to whenever Manchester United loss a game. Well, he did have a reason to be so pissed off; someone broke in his car when he went to 1-Utama. Though it was a big commotion, somehow I still was too lazy to actually see how the thief broke the back windows of the X-Trail and stole my brother’s schoolbag and laptop bag, so I have no idea how damaged the car was (hmm… in fact even after a week I have no idea how the car looks like after the repairs, haven’t gone out the house since I got back from the hospital). Well, thank God that the car wasn’t stolen at the least… when brother said that his car got broken into, I was like: “You mean they stole the freaking whole car?”

Well, despite the seriousness of the whole matter, it reminds me of the time when teacher Derek called when a thief also stole his laptop from his car:

(Can’t really remember the exact conversation, but this was what I thought I heard)

Teacher Derek: Ju Liang, today my car got broken in two…


Teacher Derek: (in a calm, serious voice) Yeah, broken in two.

Me: My goodness!

(In my mind I was thinking… how in the world can he survive an accident where his car has broken in two, and better yet, with no injuries and acting so calmly)

(Just before I open my mouth to utter something to make myself looks so foolish…)

Teacher Derek: Yeah, a thief broke into my car and stole my laptop; I was hoping you have a spare laptop which I can borrow. (I think it was something like that…)

Me: Oh? Errr… wait ah I go check first…

Well, if I remembered correctly Daniel Mok also said that he was thinking about the same thing when teacher Derek called him for this matter.

Nevertheless, really thank God that at least brother wasn’t harm then, or the car was stolen, otherwise it could be way worst.


Well, I said that I did not come out from my house since I came back from the hospital, not because I am some World of Warcraft geek who has no life and play online games till my character becomes all powerful and mighty (see the South Park: World of Warcraft episode to know what I mean) but mainly because of my nausea and now my mouth sores which prevents me from going outside. Really thank God that the nausea feeling when away around the middle of the week, but that was when the mouth sores started to appear too. Still I must thank God as though the mouth sores hurt like needles poking all over your lips and mouth, yet compared to feeling nausea at least I can eat and move around more freely, though it is kind of hard to enjoy eating with that kind of pain.

The mouth sores are caused by the body not being able to regenerate the cell linings of the mouth, as the yellow chemo I was taking somehow destroys it too. And since there are no cells, it bleeds and can’t heal… really nasty sight when I wake up in the morning as it seems like I have put dark red lipsticks, only that the dark red colour is actually my own dry blood.

Guess I still have to wait a little longer before I could “enjoy” eating the food that I crave.

Another thing that I must thank God for would be the itchiness fading away. Somehow this time around it was like the blue chemo, whenever I scratch my skin I will have internal bleeding, which caused the whole back of my body looking really nasty with dark patches everywhere. At first I didn’t know how serious it was, but later I got to know that it was so bad till my younger brother thinks that my whole body looks like someone who just survived a war. At least now the dark patches seem to be slowing fading away.

Then again, at least there’s something to look forward to. With this chemo down, there’s just another 3 more to go, and I can finally have some sweet rest. Praying to God that all goes well now.

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