Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Hmm… woah kay, so I finally finish writing up my November so called report, it’s really long, and I bet there’s many errors in it and a whole lot of fine details missing, don’t bother reading if it’s too troublesome (I know I won’t when it reaches that long), it’s just something for me to jot down so I could remember them next time.

Really glad that this time around I could actually enjoy the Christmas celebration and not be at the hospital, but then again, somehow I couldn’t have the Christmas ‘feel’ that I used to have last time. Maybe that’s because I wasn’t serving and being too involved in the church because of my condition, and couldn’t feel all the buzz like I used too. Which reminds me that maybe my previous Christmases were perhaps too engross in activities such as camps, caroling and the like that I forgot that Christmas is about thanking God for sending Jesus and not having the ‘feel’ from the activities and busyness. Or perhaps this is just another of my senseless ramblings.

Ah, I somehow realized that in everything I do I am always one step slower (or perhaps I just don’t take the initiative to do things faster or at least on time), and this is how I am going to prove it:


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