Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blessed be Your name~

Phew, thank God that I finally finish eating the chemo-pills on Monday, meaning that the nausea and dizziness would gradually settle down in perhaps a week or so… anymore longer and it would definitely bring a toll on me.

I guess many know that I like playing video-games, but when I am playing games alone I would always prefer playing role playing games as I always love to dwell in a really long story, which those games normally brings. So, really thank God that Final Fantasy 12 was out in stores like around last week. Well, the official released was supposed to be October 31st, don’t know how those pirates ever manage to get the game out that fast. Perhaps it’s a beta version (that would explain some of the really obvious grammar mistakes that a major game company such as Square-Enix shouldn’t make, or perhaps they wanted to make it real by putting it there? Like how most of us speak kacang-Eng-GA-Lish) Yeah, well thank God anyhow as I was able to play it before I enter the hospital in November, at least I have something to entertain me and distract me from all the nausea and suffering. Hmmm… but somehow something doesn’t feel right, I know that we should give thanks to God for everything, but somehow for a pirated disc… hmmm… confusing…

Was really comforted by some of the songs Pastor Siew Teng send to me, especially the song “Blessed be Your name”, since sometimes I really can’t seem to go through what I am going through anymore. At the beginning it was quite easy as things went rather smoothly, but nowadays somehow my body seems really weak to tolerate any of the chemo anymore, thus the nausea/dizziness and all. When everything was going okay, it’s really easy to thank God for everything, but during the times of suffering, it gets really hard to thank and praise God. Through that song, it really encourages me, to thank God in all circumstances, even when the “darkness closes in Lord, still I will say, blessed be Your name”. Somehow I always think that if we could thank God even through our sufferings and pain, it would make God really really happy, and at the same time really piss the devil off ha-ha. And that encourages me to fight on, one day at a time, to glorify God’s name, never losing sight and hope in Him.

Blessed be God’s name, till the end of time.

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Matthew said...

MMmm.. conflicting isn't isn't it between wut to thank and wut shoudn't be thanked? =p

Tht's y... say no to privacy? Start playing Fifa 07 or Grand Theft Auto: GTA:Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty city, vice city stories.... =D

Mmmm looks like time to invest a new PC too... ngek ngek.. play games like FEAR, HL2, CS:S, WoW, Company of Heroes, B.F. 2142!!

Aiks... back to study then, take care man & God Bless.