Sunday, July 23, 2006

No short-cuts

Okay, decorating a blog site is no easy job, which made me think why in the world did I actually imagined to become a computer programmer or engineer during form one. Maybe I thought playing computer games and doing coding and programming were equally fun, but now I know it’s not… that kind of work gives me a terrible headache instead, ha-ha.

Many thanks to a guy or erm girl nicknamed PsyCho, which I have no idea who he or she is, but manage to fell upon this guy’s site that makes the entire html coding and gibberish language to decorate the site much easier as he made a really good interface to do what you just need to do to decorate the site. This totally eliminates the need to actually understand the Greek language of coding which is totally good, why didn’t anyone think of that? All I just need to do is click around and viola… completion!

Bah~ If it only was that easy.

But no… the site says you can make a normal looking site look a little more professional in less than 10 minutes through his interface. So I was like okay… I guess one hour will do for me… but it took me 5 hours to complete that entire thing. Okay, maybe I am just too ‘duh’ on coding and decorating backgrounds that’s why. Cause’ it took me ages just to figure out how to put a tag board, which I got it from Tracey’s site and a site counter which I took it from Joshua’s blog to put on my site. It took me many trials and errors to only have both those things situated where I want it to be.

And no… it wasn’t over yet.

The next day, my friend Kam Tong told me my tag board was at the bottom of the page even with the screen maximize =.= . WOah kay, I was sure if I had my screen maximized it would have perfectly fitted in one row… scratching my head, I figured out that’s the bad advantage of having a 19 inch screen, as mine could fit everything while his couldn’t. So I tried tweaking the code blindly and manage to end up with some positive results after many many tries, which I think Kam Tong must also be kind of frustrated especially since I needed him to check again and again how it was on his screen. So for all those 15 inch monitor people, thank Kam Tong that everything could fit perfectly in the screen now when it is maximized ha-ha. (Then again, for those less than 15 inch screen people, sorry lah, tag board at the bottom I guess, ha-ha)

Still, there are many room for improvements, like putting in wrong addresses on my links and how some fonts could only appear on my screen but while I check my blog on my brother’s computer the font becomes Ariel black instead of the original ‘croobie’ font that I put. But I think I will just leave that aside as it will be too much of a hassle just to figure it out, ha-ha.

But this ultimately reminds me that nothing good can actually come out from short-cuts. Just like Zhi-Yong said in his blog before, that many of us try to be like streams of water, always trying to find the easy way out of things. But truth is if you want something to turn out right, everything must be done the hard way. Well, maybe we can do things more efficiently to make things easier, but still to achieve desired results one must work hard to obtain it. Sometimes I hope it isn’t so, that way I don’t need to practice by doing things over and over again just to be good at it. But even Jesus Himself said that narrow is the way that leads to eternal life, ha-ha. So, that ultimately says it, no short-cuts even in our spiritual life.

On a side note, this few days I have been trying to recollect my memories. Was really glad that I manage to reconfirm one of my oldest memories with a friend… without having the need to face the embarrassment of knowing that it did not happened or I just made it up somehow, phew. Arghh, realized that as I get older I can’t differentiate between a dream and a memory inside my head, getting mixed up all inside there, ha-ha. Or perhaps the chemotherapy has put some permanent damage to my head?

Well, okay, God really has been incredibly good to me as I could relax most of the days at home, for this time treatment isn’t that heavy. Perhaps a little indigestion here and there, getting tired easily but still not too bad ha-ha. Thank God in every circumstances right? Oh yeah, another thing to thank God for would be the fact that I ‘couldn’t sleep’ during the time I was trying to decorate the new blog, ha-ha, otherwise I would never have it completed, being the super lazy me. And… speaking of being lazy, thank God that I was getting lazy to blog at the later stages otherwise I would have a tough time trying to shift my previous post one by one manually to the new site… why wouldn’t they just give some special function to shift everything automatically? And…

Okay, maybe I should just stop here, for if I want to thank God for everything, even a sea of ink would go dry as they say, ha-ha, for God really is good, all the time.

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kennytong said...

So glad to see this comment box looks exactly the same as my blog. Welcome to the blogger community~!
oh. about the tag board aligning problem, hassle free la uncle wong, I just need to refresh the page, so I'm not frustrated.hehe^^
Yay! I also agree with you that nothing comes easily lor... narrow road leads to eternal i like this sentence! take care!~