Saturday, July 29, 2006


I am terribly bad at farewells somehow.

Well, let’s jus say that in every farewell event I can never actually say good-bye properly.

For example, when Leena was going off to Australia sometime ago, me, my brother and Daniel were around 10-15 minutes late (unfortunately due to last minute work), which ended up that she left before we could even give her the CD containing pictures and stuff and saying a simple good-bye.

Then there was this other time when Khar Wee was going to migrate to UK and all I said was: “Oh, okay, all the best over there…” And some other basic lines where one says to another friend when he or she is going home from school. Brr, rather cold now I think of it.

And if teacher Pei Yiing and Daniel Mok did not say: “Harh, just like that only ah?” I would actually just say: “Oh, okay, bye then” on the last Sunday before Joyce went off to study, without continuing any other conversation.

Not forgetting the fact that since I was admitted to the hospital, I couldn’t give a proper farewell to Jane and all my other classmates that went overseas to further their studies, bah~

There was also this time when a primary school friend of mine transferred to another school and I did not say good-bye because I skipped school for the last week to go on a holiday with my family, and I never saw her since.

Perhaps one of the reason why I am terribly bad at farewells would be the fact that I always think I can see them again somehow, someday, somewhere. In my heart it is always like: “one year only mah… later holiday sure come back also wert…” I take things for granted too much I guess.

Ha-ha, and maybe that’s why this year I was planning to go to Australia to study quietly without telling anyone so that I wouldn’t need to bother with all the farewell stuff. But guess my plan was foiled though because of ‘unforeseen circumstances’. Well, unforeseen by human eyes that is.

But then again, if the person remembers you, then it really isn’t farewell I guess, for the person still stays in your memories and yours in his or hers. The worst part would be the fact that after the good-bye event the person actually forgets about you and knows nothing when you introduced yourself again. That’s what happened to the primary school friend, after 5 years when I finally manage to get in contact, the person completely has no memory of me, woah kay…

Thank God that He remembers us and never changes. Thinking back, I feel really guilty because when I am having so much fun and when things are just going so well, I tend to forget about God and put much of the emphasis on myself, me, me, and me. Yeah, maybe there’s the occasional thank God events but after a few minutes you focus on your own joy again. It’s really ironic that only when we are suffering that we will remember God and look up to Him the most, and that’s because we need His help then. Human’s natural behavior I guess, only looking out for ourselves. But God isn’t like us, for He still remembers us all the time because He loves us so, so very much.

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kw said...

eh but I was really happy already haha, a simple farewell is sufficient sometimes, it's the thought that counts~