Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Last of the Reds

Ah, just got back from another round of chemotherapy. I think this would be the last of the red ones today, although I guess I won't actually miss it ha-ha, who misses medicines man.

Okay, I must admit the reason why I am writing my blog now instead of being lazy is because I am having the problem of not being able to sleep again, side-effects of the chemotherapy, thank God it only last one day though. It's like my body is super tired, but my brain doesn't want to rest, kept dreaming of weird stuff, for instance, I was dreaming that I went to Holiday Villa for some event and wanted to park my car at the parking basement. Then there was this attendant at the bottom that told me that I can't park in level 1 or 2 but needed to park the car at the level 3 basement. Whoa Kay, easier said than done, after driving endlessly I can't seem to find a ramp going down to level 3, I can see the level 3 basement, but no way to go down. And there I was spinning round and round the parking lot till I give up and woke up, bah~ Should have done that earlier instead of wasting my time in a... dream? And there were many other irritating repeating dreams, you know, those that kind of loop non-stop and you hope you just wake up, for it's like watching endless re-runs of a terrible movies.

Oh, before I forget, got to thank my cousin Ah Ching Jie Jie so much, for the unlimited supply of Archie comics (which makes me start to wonder how in the world she manages to stack those lorry bundles of Archies in her house) and the whole season of Friends, which I know will keep me accompany and bring lots of joyous laughter for a long time. Will be saving it to watch during the 1 month period I would be staying in the hospital though, for I don't think I would be able to touch the computer then, knowing how strong that treatment would be on me.

Which makes me wonder how in the world am I actually going to survive the 1 month long treatment in the hospital. Just being in the hospital room now makes me feeling nausea and now I don't even have to stay in there for a day yet, just barely a few hours. Really needs God's strength to help me survive during that time, especially knowing how terrible it would be with the blue chemotherapy, ouchies, would make me go crazy just thinking about it. Well, the good thing of going to the hospital so often now is that I am about to have an immunity to needles soon, since I am having my blood check every other week and putting a chemo-pod every now and then which is becoming a daily routine. Although now I am actually trying to force myself to see the needle going in though, just not use to see something pricking in.

Ha-ha, was just complaining to my mom on why she cooks good food on the day I can't actually eat much food because of the chemotherapy. The fried chicken is just soooooo tempting. But I know that if I ate it I am going to suffer indigestion like for the whole night, so thank God I manage to resist this time around, ha-ha. It's like for all the previous time I had this chemo I told myself not to eat heavy food, I said I will not make the same mistake, but each time I see the good food on the table I just can't seem to resist and gobble everything to my heart's content, only to suffer later, ha-ha. Well, at least this time around I manage not to take the chicken, and also another time where I just ate bread because I felt too sick, so that's like 2 out of 8 I think. 25%... still failed the test, bah~ Hmmm, maybe that’s why we can’t really blame Eve for being tempted and taking the fruit, just one fried chicken I also cannot tahan already, what more some fruit that taste and look so good and will give you wisdom.

Oh yeah, got to thank God that now I only need to take 5 steroid pills a day instead of the usual 10, that would save me lots of time and trouble trying to take the pills after meals. Funny thing is, the doctor told me to take half from what I was taking, which is 5, but yet in his medicine prescription it says to eat 5 after breakfast and 5 after dinner, with simple calculations, that’s 10. Then there’s his nurses that says I should eat it for alternate days, which is 10 in 2 days, well, if you divide the pills by the days it would be 5 a day, but wouldn’t the pill effect actually vanish the next day if I take it alternately? I mean, I need the pills to prevent joint pains, unless the effect last for 2 days then I would listen to the nurse, but common sense tells me to take 5 a day as I don’t think the effect could last that long. So which of them is telling the right thing now?

Hmm, guess that’s all for now, all in all, thank God that I could come home and rest instead of staying there in the hospital. Need to enjoy every blessing that He gives me.

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