Friday, March 10, 2006


Alright, for the past few days my body was like, woah!!!! Well, that's because my body somehow seems to be failing just like what the doctor said. My white cells and red cells dropped to a low, and my body seems to be getting all those infections and stuff like that, for example the weird ulcers on my tongue which prevents me from eating as it hurts really bad, but the fever was the worst though, cold for the first hour, groggy the next and hot for the other two hours.

But one thing about having a fever though, is when everything starts to calm down and your body starts to recover, for that few hours (for me i guess), is like, how to say, heaven i can say, the temperature seems so pleasant and everything seems to be going so fine, God's little blessing i say?

Then again, after that i got to suffer the whole process one more time keke, so really need your prayers and hope that i will not get any serious infection and pray that this fever will not torture me any longer. Pray that i will have the strength too, to be able to recover and succumb to all trials and temptations that come my way during my recovery, according to God's grace.

Alright, better not be writing so long, still have a slight fever, or maybe not, as the thermometer which they use to check on my ears has an error scale of like 5-10 degrees Celsius, so it could be a fever and not a fever at the same time, and both ears have a different reading somehow.

Anywayz, thank God for everything i must say especially the strength to update my journal he he, yeah, sometimes it's hard, but trust in the Lord, and persevere till the end, for His plans are perfect.

P/S: will be praying for the Gospel Camp guys, hope u have a good time keke!

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