Sunday, July 06, 2008

Good day...

Woke up yesterday and today without any significant pains from the knees, and I must say:

“Thank God for this wonderful blessing!”

It really is a relief and a great joy to be able to sleep in comfort, being able to twist and turn around in your sleep and knowing that you will feel A-okay when you wake up in the morning instead of feeling like an old man with joint pains.

Thank God too, that after so many weeks, for once today I had solid stools. Not too sure that this would be just a one off event, but… at least it means that my gut is still capable of doing some normal functions. I thought it would never get back to normal.

My glucose level also seemed to plunge way low this time around till the point I was “forced” to eat sweet things today. Ah, the instability of my body! Not a bad thing though, and I actually thank God for that as I was able to indulge in some chocolates right before the sun was up, and that would mean less insulin injections to come too.

Platelet count on the other hand is still low, at a count of 21 in fact this morning. The doctor (and of course, me myself) is hoping that this will be the rock bottom and it will start to bounce back up from this point on. The doctor is being very optimistic as the white cell counts are starting to drop to an average level of 6-7 compared to a way high level of 14 and above that it usually was the past few weeks, meaning it is looking to be stabilizing. Then again, depending on the Lord almighty to let everything come into perfect harmony, for our Lord is a Lord of peace.

And yesterday I had a slight migraine that haunted me at night, how I fear those pains. Feeling like another one is coming out right now as I am typing too, praying to God that it doesn’t become more severe as time passes. Well, eating Panadol will always do the trick, but I try not to eat any more drugs that I am already taking, seems like I am intoxicating my body way too much already.

Ooo, and I finally managed to watch Spider-man 3 on HBO today. Spidey movies rocks out of all the other Marvel superheroes movies I must say. Okay, this seems super outdated, but during the release of the movie, and all the good movies I must say, I was in the hospital for treatment… now to catch up with Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and all the other 3s that was out… last year was it? (Somehow I always catch up with these movies a year or 2 later, haha!)

All in all, I give thanks for all the blessings that God has given me for the day, for our God knows our every need.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Panadol's the safest of the painkillers (if I'm not mistaken lah) - the only exception is if your liver is damaged, then you'd have to reduce the dosage but otherwise it's quite safe. I think the maximum recommended dose is 8 tablets a day but you can check with the doc.

When you come out of the hospital, be sure to catch Iron Man - it's really good. :)