Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blessing in the midst of suffering...

In my previous post I forgot to mentioned that I was managed to be discharged from the hospital sometime ago, which was why the readmission. Really thank God for the privilege to be able to be outside the hospital environment, seeing and feeling something different for a change. 

As of today I also really thank God that everything seems more stable and calm. I also thank God that there aren’t any heavy IV drips that needs to be put in today, which gives me some time and comfort to figure out what is causing all the side effects that are happening to me. Truth to be told I am still having the side effects I mentioned in the previous post, but by the grace of God I am managing to cope with it this time. 

Also another thing to really thank and praise God for is that my blood count went up a little by itself today without any transfusion of any kind, will still need to continue to pray hard that it will continue to go up by itself steadily and not drop, and I know our God is faithful to hear our prayer. 

Another thing I need to mentioned is that though this whole ordeal was tough, and I know not how long it will last, but I thank God that it did lead me back to a certain realization about the power of God once again and the purpose He has for my life, praying to God that I won’t lose this focus again and again. 

Okay, that’s all for now, please continue to pray for me that the GVHD would be under control and the blood counts would go up so that I could be discharged, and most importantly I would do God’s will that He has for me.


chris lim said...

hey ju liang, hang in there ok. you are not alone in your faith, we are all with you. and you still have so much work left to do here. what is the enemy now, is it the new bone marrow cells or is it still the leukimia?

Anonymous said...

Hey yeah, we're behind you all the way. Take care of yourself, ok? God bless you, Rebecca.

ju liang said...

to chris:

well, the enemy now is the graft (donor cells) causing a lot of side effects and not letting my blood count grow, the leukemia cells have been wipe out apparently, which i really thank our mighty God for that, for that's the main concern at the first place.

chris lim said...

alright. you need to take back your base from them. then you need to go and watch the dark knight

ju liang said...

to chris:

hahaha, will do my friend!

Though i still need to completely watch Batman Begins first, miss out on that.

ju liang said...

to Rebecca:

Thanks for the encouragement =)

Praying that the side effects will slowly wear off through God's healing grace as the body adapts to all the drugs.

golferalive said...

ju liang i may not know you..but my name is andy gan..i am also a leaukimia patient...i thank god for his protection...he is truly almighty he works diffrently..he will definately heals you..i personally believe..i myself also suffer the pain as you do my fren..i got gvhd on 3 parts of my body which is the bowel,liver and skin all at once..i know its difficult..pls do hang msn messenger is feel free to add me..we can pray for each other..god bless...shalom

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