Monday, March 24, 2008

Tired... and happy Easter too =)


I guess the only time I am not that tired would be in the morning when I just wake up. Then I’ll start to run out of energy as time passes. By the time dinner arrives I could only force a few bites of food into my mouth then I’ll get just too tired to go on. Ha-ha, eating and going to the bathroom seems like a chore all a sudden.

Nevertheless, I really thank God that as of now I don’t few any pain or discomfort, and that’s a relief. I really prefer having to sleep all day as it beats having to suffer pain any time.

My cell count has dropped to 0.1. The doctor estimates that it takes around another 10 days to get it back up to a safe level. Guess I got to depend on God’s mighty hand to keep me free from infections till then.

And right now I am still trying to figure out how in the world I added 2 kg in just one day. Since knowing what goes in and out of my body is a priority here, I get my weight check everyday, and somehow it just went up from 50 kg to 52 kg today, should be a good thing I must say. But maybe that has something to do with the bloated tummy I am having right now… hope it’s nothing serious.

Sorry for the randomness, but my head somehow seems like a blur today.

Oh, and happy belated Easter guys! Our Lord has risen, and He has risen indeed! The one true God who loves us so much that He send His one and only son, so that we will not be condemned by sin, but justified through faith by His blood on the cross. And it’s with this salvation that I have peace in Christ, though everything seems so chaotic and uncertain around me.


kang said...

Eh ju liang,

shea kang here. I don't know whether you'd be interested or not, but I'd just let you know.

I've been training taichi from this master quite a few years now, he's a qigong master. He has a great deal of experience, and I'm thinking, if you want to ask him whether qigong and all can help, you can..just give him a call to ask his opinion maybe. tell him your situation and ask if he has any advice..

his website

his name: Master Kao


he stays in bangsar area, but he teaches some time of the year in US, malaysia and vietnam. You can tell him that you heard abt him thru me la.

I'm thinking if you could supplement ur treatment with smth like qigong, might help u.

All the best ok? All the strength you need is within you.

Ju Liang said...

Hey shea kang, glad that you drop by!

Yeah, i have heard about how taichi would be good for recuperating from other cancer patients too.

Thanks for the concern, will contact you if i need some help in building up my body stamina once again.

As of now, just need to depend on the Lord that all goes well through to the end of the treatment here in Singapore =)

kang said...

not just that dude, maybe he can teach you some exercises to help ur treatment.

generally i can assure you that master kao wun ask you to do anything that will interfere with ur current treatment, just enhance it.

give him a call and ask his opinion, might have some good come out of it.

he might be able to teach you to use qigong to help your bodies natural healing process to aid ur chemo etc.

but do it fast dude. do it fast. just give him a call to ask,see if he can suggest anything that helps.

nows not the time to hesitate. lets put it this way ok, you ask for the Lords help, and just yesterday pheebs showed me ur site, ive known that you are battling leukemia for quite a while, but just yesterday i was inspired to leave this contact down. maybe it might help, maybe it might not, but its an opportunity, maybe ask ur mom to give him a call and ask him and see. its what we call, a new avenue, maybe a new path that leads to something, but master kao knows wat he's doing, if qigong can help, it will, if it can't, he will tell you it can't. but grasp the opportunity to enquire would be good, i think.