Saturday, June 02, 2007

The older I am, yet non the wiser I got...

Aiks, just went I thought I was able to exercise a little once again…

On Sunday, 2 days after I got home from the hospital, my younger brother and cousins were playing 1 versus 1 football and I was there taking a look. Thinking that perhaps I was “healthy” enough to play, I decided to join in order to move my body a bit. So I took the ball, did some left right movement, and just went I started to turn around to get the ball… “CRrraacccKKK” The inevitable happened, I sprained my ankle.

It wasn’t too bad at first, I managed to limp back into the house to sit down and rest. After that I was even able to walk upstairs to surf the internet. But after seating around for an hour, I realized how severe it was when I wanted to stand up to take the mic stand for my cousin. My left leg that got sprained couldn’t support me at all; it was too painful to stand up. Arghhh! And there I was, thinking about going out to catch some of the good movies that were out in theaters.

Nevertheless, it isn’t so bad, as having a sprained leg most importantly doesn’t affect my appetite or sleep (as I am so afraid of nausea nowadays), and it’s not like I cannot move any where at all and need to stay put, just that it takes a longer time to carry my non-movable leg around. Thank God it isn’t a broken/dislocated ankle, no way am I going back to the hospital when I just got out of it two days ago. Oh, and later did I realized that missing the chance to watch movies this week isn’t a problem at all, as at first I didn’t know the school holidays started, and I don’t really enjoy much when the mall is so crowded -- where you could feel someone breathing down your neck or smelling someone’s sweat’s just centimeters away from you.

Thank God that as I am typing right now my sprained left leg is able to move around normally, though any movement faster than walking would result in me screaming I guess. Heh, from now on I will need to do some warm-up before starting any exercise whether heavy or light, guess my body is so rusty that starting it up to full gear instantly would result in everything breaking apart. Either that, or I am just getting old real fast and can’t do stuff I did when I was younger.


My dad recently started using my laptop a few months ago when I seldom bother it anymore as any games having better graphics than Warcraft III would result in a major lag and surfing the internet was a pain as it takes so long to load FireFox. That and my elder brother ordered a new computer before he went back to Australia for his studies.

Well, the computer lagging really badly wasn’t only experience by someone who’s tech savvy, but even my dad who doesn’t use the computer at all till now complaints about it whenever he uses it, saying how come it starts up so slowly.

I tried deleting everything that I am not using, cleared spywares and stuff but to no avail. It still loads up to Windows really slow, and checking pictures and documents is a frustrating process as you need to wait forever. I read from In-Tech that some files, even though they are deleted they still leave traces of it on the hard disk; therefore it still lags at times and doesn’t really help. Plus I guess many irremovable spywares have entered my laptop since I didn’t really bother it for a long period of time, didn’t bring it along with me to the hospital after awhile as I realized that I really have no energy surfing the internet or writing stuff when I am feeling so nauseous. Hmm… which reminds me about that experience in the hospital where someone kept sending me some unknown file through my laptop via Bluetooth, which Norton says are viruses… but I’ll leave them for some other time…

Well, if all else fails what do you do? You start over! Yeah, that’s right; I decided to reformat my laptop. After checking sites in the internet on how to reformat your computer correctly, I was confident that it was a piece of cake.

So I started to reformat, reinstalling Windows and stuff… after a really long time… Yay! Finally installed and ready to go. Load up all the essential programs and realized that there was one more CD left. Apparently this CD is to install a program to allow the laptop to play videos and music without even Windows loading up. Looking at the manual it says it needs 212 MB of space set aside from the main partition to install it… oh dear… guess I got to reformat it as I only have one partition and didn’t realized about it.

So, second time, I did what I thought it says, created 212 MB partitioned space and installed Windows in the other, did all that I’ve said above except the mistake. But I realized that when I tried installing that program from the CD, it failed saying that I have insufficient space.

Getting frustrated, I partitioned 250 MB to see if this program will still give the excuse of not having enough space. Did all that I have mentioned above except the mistake… and yet it still says insufficient space after a super long time of installing.

What in the WORLD??!!!

So this time I read the manual again, it’s just 2 pages for goodness sake and yet I could get it wrong. Thinking that maybe I should just call some technician to help if all is lost I suddenly realized something… the manual said to deduct 212 MB from the main partition for the “operating system”. *Slaps forehead*, I just realized that when it says operating system it means Windows and not the program I was trying to install, and where it says ‘deduct’ I was ‘creating’ a partitioned instead. In short, I should deduct 212 MB of my total hard disk volume, and install Windows to the rest of the larger sum, not creating a new 212 MB partition by itself.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t as easy as I thought… by the time I finished installing everything it was already midnight. And what should have been a one time reformatting process became four times the work. Guess I ain’t so tech savvy after all, savvy?

Well, I learnt my lesson… if there’s anything computer related that needs to be repaired and done; I’ll just leave it to my elder brother. Saves the trouble from me =)


kennytong said...

Is your lappy HP? The media thing very complicated wan.. I followed some forum's steps so that i dint have to go through what you encountered but after all the media player thing doesn't seem useful to me.

Matthew said...

Yo yo! WtH man... like that lar, let me do all the dirty works... i hate reformatting! worse, is a lappy >_<

Ooo OOo! Check out my blog, added sum kiddy stuff! Man, i miss all these html/code editing stuff... Need to learn sum skills from you... savvy?